Innovative Police Technology

Chris Bennett
Chris Bennett, Founder


“Callyo is unique in that from day one they have built a culture where they first became an officer safety company, then a customer service company, then a technology company.”

Callyo, a mobile technology business for law enforcement based in St. Pete, has more than increased its office size to keep up with significant growth. Their mission: Develop mobile technology for law enforcement investigators to build a safer world for children. Named one of GovTech’s Top 100 companies in 2017 concentrated on and making a distinction for state and local government, Callyo provides unparalleled mobile technology for law enforcement investigators that practice in catching human traffickers and child predators. Callyo has developed the way investigations are done and believes that one shouldn’t need specialized equipment to do something special.

Callyo has been declared “arguably the most innovative new policing technology in the last 20 years” while maintaining record content and renewal rates across 100,000+ officers and 9,000+ agencies. The company has frequently had a focus on helping the public by equipping emergency administration with better technology.

That crossed into public safety for Chris Bennett, Chief Product Officer & Founder of Callyo at a time when he resided in an area with heavy police presence and knew he could input his talents to equip these investigators with modern mobile technology to replace their old hardware.

10-21 Police Phone upgrades police-citizen communications and community relations by presenting officers more accessible (but without transferring out personal numbers). It’s a free app that officers can utilize to call citizens from local numbers, where citizens can give a push notification requesting a callback. 10-21 diverts millions of requests from dispatch stations each year. Callyo’s products save precious time and resources for the communities we serve, making data collection safer, more comfortable, and more reliable, in turn improving prosecution rates all while valuing the privacy of the citizens.

Callyo is unprecedented in that from day one, they have built a culture where they first displayed an officer safety company, then a customer service business, then a technology company. They only serve law implementation, and from their first day, have had 24/7 customer support with a fascination of helping each officer they come in contact with. Second, with so many tools and gadget vendors in the space, Callyo is unparalleled in their mantra that “you shouldn’t need special devices to do something special.” Two of their core values are “easily innovate” and “connect and serve.” The simplicity and absence of extra equipment is an essential part of the company that has caused their products from day one. Outstanding customer support that is available 24/7/365 is also something they take very solemnly and something their customers value considerably.

At Callyo, their mission is focussing on who we are and who we serve. Their company began by assisting law enforcement agencies to better protect facing human trafficking and child exploitation. As such, they are a big advocate of IAHTI (International Association of Human Trafficking Investigators). Further, they have a number of former law enforcement deputies and family members of LE on staff, so they continuously operate to support local law enforcement philanthropy and events such as Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, Coffee with a Cop, and more. In 2019, Callyo is brewing up lots of new features and products for their consumers. One specific new enterprise is their focus on integration, and this year, Callyo will be combining and partnering with numerous amazing law enforcement technology businesses to help their products better serve police.