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John Dilenschneider
John Dilenschneider, CEO & Owner



“GovQA is 100 percent government focused as they are dedicated to government technology exclusively, users benefit from their deep knowledge base of best practices.”

Recently, Thurston County launched a unique, online public records request portal to make the method of requesting records more comfortable and more convenient for the public. This new system will also improve effectiveness and consistencies in responding to requests for records.

GovQA has incorporated the public records request portal, which is a web-based public record inquiry management system. The portal permits requesters to generate a personal account where the user can submit public records applications, track the progress of the County’s response, and download electronic copies of the documents entreated. GovQA is 100 percent government dedicated to government technology exclusively; hence, users benefit from their in-depth knowledge base of best practices. Located just outside Chicago, Illinois, the company has over 100 employees working for the public sector— including regional specialists and on-site developers and assistance. GovQA has been partnering with the city, state, and county governments across the country since 2000. They actively track legislation in their jurisdiction to give proactive solutions on an on-going premise.

They are problem solvers — plugged in and paying attention to what users do daily — so they can make the government’s job more comfortable, more productive, more secure, and more satisfying.

GovQA’s talented leadership team has backgrounds in consulting, technology, government, and commercial grade high-volume business processing. But, as effective as their resumes might be, they are, first and leading, friendly people to do business.

GovQA connects its proven knowledge base, workflow, rules engine, and payment technologies to give a comprehensive Public Records Management System that operates across all state and local government departments and is configured to organizational needs. Via utilizing the company’s solutions, organizations can increase security and compliance while decreasing stress and saving time with GovQA’s cloud-based SaaS solution for public records and further. Their best-in-class Government technology solution analyzes collaboration and the transfer of sensitive documents within a protected environment.

Responding to applications can be a complicated, overwhelming task. A custom-configured GovQA solution can lessen the workload, help an organization manage collaboration, and alleviate the overall stress in remaining compliant. Users can also improve their day-to-day with GovQA tailored to an organization’s needs. GovQA is the nation’s number one provider of scalable public records and enterprise workflow solutions for the government. Their deep industry experience and referenceable customer base give them unparalleled access to the best practices for every state and local government. For the fourth consecutive year, GovQA has been recognized as a GovTech100 Company. They are a large, 100 percent government-focused company with a solid financial backing and 100+ employees working to make the records request process thriving today and well into the fourth industrial revolution.

Alongside GovQA’s web-based solution analyzes the administration of subpoenas. Organize and monitor all subpoena activities while improving the effectiveness and timeliness of the process. Seamless, reliable collaboration with law enforcement, attorneys, and judicial bureaus helps accomplish witness management and subpoena responsibilities. GovQA offers the most advanced security technology accessible to the government today – so users can prevent data exposure and limit their risks. At its core, the GovQA platform is built to combat security threats. It is single-tenant with a proprietary codebase. Their cloud service can support virtually all compliance and security forces.

“The GovQA system presents public records requests easier to submit, allows for requestors to comprehend the process, and requestors can receive documents electronically, decreasing the number of paper copies being presented,” says Ramiro Chavez, Thurston County, WA County Manager.