Real-Time Traceability for Asset and Inventory Management

Robert Brice
Robert Brice, President & CTO



“RFgen Software facilitates the seamless real-time reporting of traceability for all components, parts, tools and equipment for highly regulated requirements.”

Tracking assets and inventory across cities and statewide represent a major challenge for state and local governments. When you have state or local governments with multiple divisions, real-time visibility into asset and inventory movements is critical to staying within budget. Knowing where your assets are physically located, what parts are on hand, and what tools are available is a significant challenge solved through traceability.

The ability to track and trace materials such as equipment, tools, components, consumables and parts enables government organizations to manage ongoing maintenance costs, prevent missing inventory, and reduce on-hand inventory levels. With real-time insight into locations and stock levels, cities and other local government entities can unlock tremendous savings.

Established in 1983, RFgen Software’s two founders came from backgrounds in accounting and distribution consultancy for small and medium-sized businesses. Realizing that rapid developments in technology could help businesses of all sizes save significant time and money through better asset management, the two founders set out to build a solution. They concluded that a mobile platform would fill this important niche for businesses and governments requiring wireless-enabled solutions.

Although the platform has evolved continuously since its time of inception, one thing that has always remained constant is their single code base for the platform, designed to give clients the power to design their mobile applications once in RFgen and deploy it across any device with the exact same user experience on each operating system.

Today, the platform has grown into a total solution ecosystem that includes software, hardware and consultancy all-in-one. RFgen Software’s in-house expertise now includes SAP, Deltek Costpoint, Oracle Cloud, Oracle E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics and other business systems, although much of RFgen’s install base falls into one of these major ERP systems.

According to Robert Brice, President and Chief Technology Officer of RFgen, the need for powerful, scalable traceability across an enterprise is significant for tracking costs, equipment, component and part consumption, as well as labor hours. Government regulation is not going anywhere. If the trend of tightening regulatory compliance requirements continues, organizations will need a way to meet those regulations with technology that is not only powerful, but flexible, easy to use, and will scale to different types of warehouses and manufacturing plants in different locations—cities, states, countries, or globally.

Mobility solutions for ERPs are the best resource for scalability and compliance. These solutions are not limited to municipal or local government organizations. For companies in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceuticals, aerospace and defense or other government contractors, RFgen Software facilitates the seamless real-time traceability for all components, parts, tools and equipment for highly regulated requirements. Mobility solutions can simplify and extend the ERP interface onto a mobile device that also functions as a barcode scanner, allowing for real-time look-up of inventory data and real-time, validated transactions against the ERP database at the point-of-work.

RFgen customers experience excellent results, especially for enterprises performing day-to-day inventory transactions. RFgen inventory management and asset tracking software enable these organizations to scale their business and take on more and manage larger contracts because they can now achieve new levels of productivity and efficiency. Automating data collection, inventory and asset tracking with seamless real-time integration to the ERP using RFgen creates 100-percent lot-level traceability to comply with government regulations and ensure 100-percent billing accuracy.

For the road ahead, RFgen Software is expanding its ERP offerings to include more applications for Oracle’s ERP Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365. RFgen is also investing heavily in the development of its core RFgen Mobile Unity Platform™ with a major release v5.2 coming this year. RFgen continues to identify new use cases for its mobility solution based on ongoing discussions with its global customer base. Using that feedback, RFgen continues to identify features and capabilities customers need to fulfill new requirements. Lastly, RFgen is continuing its global expansion plans with the acquisition of new talent on multiple continents to support mission-critical customer deployments and handle the growing market demand for enterprise mobility worldwide.”