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Denise Arboleda
Denise Arboleda, Vice President and Director of Sales


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“Compulink has provided them (clients) with best-in-class solutions for over 35 years to help streamline their operations and maximize the efficiency of their budgets.”

Constant changes in digital transformation are a big challenge for companies. High-level expertise is required for engineers to manage and implement emerging technologies. IT departments within companies are falling behind due to technological innovations that are outpacing the training required to manage them. When these IT professionals fail to meet new requirements or certifications, they risk losing operational efficiency. Compulink Technologies offers various managed service and professional service packages to help clients monitor or upgrade their infrastructures with peace of mind. Another challenge is the growing number and complexity of cyberattacks that the customers face every day, “We provide our clients with powerful, long-term cybersecurity prevention tools such as software like Barracuda and Cisco to prevent them from suffering the same fate as other companies,” says Rafael Arboleda, CEO, and Founder of Compulink Technologies. “We have also started to introduce AI-based security protection to contain attacks that are presented by next-gen solutions because we believe that AI-driven attacks will start to play a greater role in the cybersecurity world.”

As the IT industry began expanding, so did Compulink’s offerings and services.

During the mid-1990s, the Minority-Owned Business Enterprise crossed over from strictly product fulfillment and offered more IT services as demand in the industry grew. Today, the business has expanded its solutions to managed services, cybersecurity, migration services, and more. Compulink has been recognized by numerous prestigious IT publications as one of the Top Government Solution Providers and Tech Elite Solution Providers. They have also been recognized and awarded by Mayor Mario Cuomo and New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer for their contributions to government agencies. Compulink has provided clients with best-in-class solutions for over 35 years to help streamline their operations and maximize the efficiency of their budgets.

“The competition that we face is strong. However, it has been a healthy reminder that we can never take our success for granted and that competition is good for the growth of the company because we are always looking for innovative new solutions and practices to stay ahead of our competitors,” says Rafael. “We are one of the few companies that has a deep knowledge of how government transactions work.”

Compulink Technologies has once more proven they are dependable and can fulfill their clients’ business needs through unforeseen, market-disruptions such as the COVID-19 Pandemic. Market panic seized the IT industry resulting in a global supply chain shortage of available items and IT services in the IT industry. “Yet we were able to provide key products and solutions to our clients because of the strategic alliances we held with our manufacturers and ensured the continuation of government operations.”

The company offers a free consultation to understand the client’s goals and objectives from the start. Once they hold their initial discovery meeting and understand their environment, budget, and goals, they focus on their pain points. “After we conclude this phase, we can pinpoint solutions that address their pain points and provide them with solutions that are within their budget and are scalable so they have a solution that they can use for years,” explains Rafael. “In addition to the solution we provide, we also present our clients with a managed service package to coincide with the presented solution. This ensures that our client’s environment is set up for continued success because they have an expert team of engineers available to support them.”

Compulink Technologies sees itself as the best resource for IT services and solutions for the Government and SMB. They have expanded rapidly in the last five years and continue to scale as they enter new markets across the country. “We have expanded our core services to other emerging areas in technology such as IoT, AI, machine learning, cybersecurity and cloud,” adds Rafael. “We have been in business for over 35 years simply because we grew alongside our industry, so we are excited to see what the future holds in the next 35 years from now and what types of services and products we will offer then.”