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Scott Draeger, VP Customer Transformation


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“Our dedication to customers is world-class, and results in a 99% customer satisfaction rate.”

Today, government organizations are recovering from the initial pandemic panic, with key learnings shaping their immediate and long-term futures. First, they learned that becoming constituent-focused is reducing costs. Second, they have learned that collaborating with other agencies improves outcomes while reducing costs to serve, especially in areas with “no wrong door” policies. Lastly, they learned that a wide variety of digital channels could reach constituents without impacting privacy.

Quadient has addressed these changes by ensuring that agencies design flexible communications that serve various needs and a variety of channels. They are focused on integrating multiple data sources and formats to ensure that constituent communications reflect current and accurate information, even when the systems are not fully integrated. To make this even easier, constituent communications are displayed on Customer Journey Maps that show the constituent’s experience to ensure their needs and context are included in the design process. Taken together, these innovations improve outcomes while reducing the cost to serve.

Quadient is the driving force behind the world’s most meaningful customer experiences. By focusing on Intelligent Communication Automation, Parcel Locker Solutions, and Mail-Related Solutions, Quadient helps hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide simplify the connection between people and matters. Every day, they empower company companies to create 788 million connections with their customers.

“We are delivering over 1 Billion Euros in annual revenue, by serving over 440,000 customers globally, all through solutions that are designed, built, delivered, and supported by our 5,300 employees. Our dedication to customers is world-class, and results in a 97% customer satisfaction rate,” says Scott Draeger, VP Customer Transformation. A software visionary who had scaled up his innovative thinking when he joined the company.

Scott Draeger has led a significant business transformation that has business units “collaborating like crazy” to improve value for Quadient’s clients. Key acquisitions in the software space have accelerated their adoption of foundational technologies in mobile, AI, payment processing, and delivery experience. The combination of new cloud-based technology acquisitions and a large existing base of customers has put Quadient in a position to improve the connections our clients have with their customers at a critical juncture in the evolution of Customer Experience.

According to analyst reports and customer reviews, Quadient has the strongest communication generation technology for omnichannel customer communications. Quadient has been moving this leading technology to the cloud for several years and offers a comprehensive SaaS solution that helps government agencies connect to constituents better while collaborating more effectively. Currently, Quadient’s customers generate over a trillion communications per year, and Quadient is proud to be an important part of their strongest customer connections.

Inspire Flex is Quadient’s Customer Communications Management flagship product which can be deployed on-premises or hosted in the cloud (public or private). Inspire Flex is the only fully integrated, any-premise, end-to-end CCM solution that empowers enterprises to exceed expectations with customer communications that drive value. In recent months, many government agencies saw the need for cloud solutions to support a distributed workforce and a large increase in requests for government services. Many unemployment insurance systems were overwhelmed by the number of applicants due to aging technology; however, the computing power could have easily been scaled to meet the need if those systems were in the cloud. “With Inspire Flex, you can reduce costs while empowering government employees to do more like get program eligibility letters, unemployment insurance communications, Medicaid statements and other correspondence out faster without help from IT staff,” says Scott Draeger.

Quadient strives to help the clients build strong connections to their constituents and customers by improving the quality of communication. As the company expands its services, they are innovating in three key areas, “First, we are making it easier to design communications that are delivered to a changing set of channels. Next, we are introducing more ways to host, deploy and scale communications on a variety of architectures that are often governed by regulations that increasingly respect customer data privacy. Finally, we are adding capabilities to streamlining the communication process that improves customer experience while reducing the costs to serve your constituents,” adds Scott Draeger.