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Paul Marushka, CEO


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“We help organizations keep their people safe, products sustainable, and operations productive.”

“Cloud technology is the standard approach used by government agencies looking to manage risks.”

For more than 30 years, Sphera has been helping customers chart a course to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) improvement that mitigates risk and improves safety, sustainability, and productivity. Sphera’s ESG Management Solutions help reduce exposure to environmental risk, increase revenue, lower operational costs and drive the organization into a sustainable future. The software helps improve personnel, process, and product safety, protecting both employees and customers.

“We help companies build a world-class Safety Culture that elevates their global reputation,” says Paul Marushka, the founding president and CEO responsible for providing overall strategic leadership. He helps the team develop, direct, and implement go-to-market, service, product, and operational plans. At the Environmental Leader & Energy Manager Conference (ELEMCON), Paul was recognized as an Environmental Leader for breaking new ground with new products and solutions to help companies achieve greater success in environmental management. “We have helped companies keep their people safe, products sustainable, and operations productive. More than 8,000 customers and millions of users have trusted us. We were formerly the Operational Excellence & Risk Management business (“OERM”) of business information provider IHS Inc.’ After a series of strategic acquisitions, Sphera Solutions Inc. was founded in 2016.”

Sphera offers a triple-powered approach to ESG performance and risk management. We empower organizations with data, software, and expertise.

Armed with accurate data, robust technology, and expert help, companies can make informed decisions. “A partnership with Sphera will help them improve their performance, reduce operational risks, boost productivity, and higher return on investments.”

Sphera’s integrated solution aims to help companies achieve their sustainability goals. The scalable platform and personalized configuration pave the way for compliance, reporting, and performance improvement. It combines disparate data from systems, sensors, and human-derived activities to provide a normalized, real-time view of performance.

Advanced technologies like SpheraCloud® empower businesses with actionable and measurable results so that they can gain a comprehensive view of performance and risk in real-time. The innovative SaaS platform helps break down information silos so teams can have the same holistic view. Leveraging cloud technology brings synergies, leads to cost savings and a sustainable future. The use of cloud technology is the standard approach used by government agencies looking for an integrated solution to manage risks and maintain safety protocols. Cloud technology incorporates mobile capabilities that allow users to capture and relay critical safety information anywhere and anytime while keeping data secure.

SpheraCloud® offers seamless connectivity, data insights, and scalability. The platform provides an intuitive cloud-based user interface and is responsive and configurable. It helps businesses improve decision-making and performance with an integrated view of their risk portfolio—from single-site deployments to global rollouts.

The US Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) relies on Sphera for an integrated solution that gives visibility into the complex landscape of managing hazardous materials across the supply chain. This includes adherence to the compliance, safe handling, and use of hazardous materials and hazardous waste through procurement, storage, transportation, and disposal – providing their EHS&S professionals and warfighters the information and insights they need to power a safer, more sustainable, and productive mission. A panel of independent analysts determined that Sphera’s solution is the only product of its kind to meet the DLA requirements for waste and material tracking.

For years, Sphera’s innovative software, proprietary information, and expert-driven insights have empowered organizations to protect their people, assets, and communities. Sphera was founded on a vision to disrupt the sustainability and risk management software and information services market. Today, its industry-leading software, data, and consulting services assist companies in creating a safer, more sustainable, and productive world. Recently, Blackstone has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Sphera from Genstar Capital. The new development will help Sphera in its goal to expand the ESG digital solutions on its SaaS platform with unique data sets and differentiated consultative services globally.

Sphera’s sustainability experts help companies develop net-zero and circularity roadmaps in compliance with 2050 targets. They help identify priorities, establish science-based targets for measurable improvements, and streamline reporting and analysis. Strong ESG performance leads to higher returns on investments, lower risks, and better resiliency during a crisis.